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Our antique collection is one of a kind. Our finest piece of antique jewellery has a new story to tell and a new chapter to live. With antique’s timeless style, beauty and charm, it rewards those who like to stand out from the crowd.


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Care Instructions:

The Antique and Matte finishing jewelry are made using Brass (a copper alloy). They generally last upto 12 months, but with special care their lifetime can be greatly extended.
1. Keep the Jewels away from
a. Water
b. Dishwashing soap
c. Lotions and Moisturizers
d. Perfumes
e. OR any other harsh chemicals
2. Your jewelry should be the last you put on and the first one you take off,
3. Do not store the jewels in steel boxes or bureax.
4. Store them in the provided ZIP LOCK pouches.
5. Check the jewelry for any moisture and dust before storing them, if present clean them gently with small cotton balls and allow the moisture to dry or gently wipe away the moisture using a soft tissue.
6. Do not rub jewelry against each other or rough surfaces.



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